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The APE Team

  • Tristan

    Tristan Simmonds

    Co-Founder/Strength & Conditioning Coach

    I am one of the lead Strength and Conditioning coaches here at Athletic Performance Establishment. My ultimate goal is to help guide individuals to find their true potential whether taking that first step into fitness, hitting personal records in the weight room or improving one’s athletic ability. As someone who has experienced the highest sporting platform Canada has to offer, I understand what it takes to strive in the weight room in order to get you to the next level of your game.

  • Ronan

    Ronan Van Buskirk

    Co-Founder/Business Operations

    As a former University of Alberta Golden Bears Sprinter, and business graduate, my passion for sport performance and management continues to grow. Growing up a multi-sport athlete, I’ve come to know what it takes to succeed and maintain that success at multiple different levels. My goal is to take athletes from the backyard to the big leagues.

  • Mitch

    Mitch Luck

    Co-Founder/Research & Development

    As a former collegiate volleyball player and now national level olympic weightlifter, I have utilized strength and conditioning programs my entire life to aid in developing my athletic ability. I believe in maximizing ones performance and longevity, developing programs that will keep my athletes performing at their best - day in and out.

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