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Ready to take your training to the next level? APE Athletic provides elite sport-specific programming, and in-person training to teams and individual athletes. We are a group of experienced professionals looking to create a program specific to you and your goals. Driven by results, APE Athletic is committed to providing a service that exceeds your expectations and helps you reach your highest potential.

Programming Options

Individualized Athletic Programming
$125/billed monthly
Sport specific, goal orientated, and tailored to you, this program is for athletes truly looking to take their training to the next level. After an in-depth consultation with one of our certified trainers, we will determine your positional sporting demands, goals, and expected outcomes to build a program that best suits you.
  • Initial goal assessment
  • Customizable program
  • Access to online program
  • Weekly check-ins with your coach
  • Video instruction of every exercise
Team-Based Athletic Programming
We provide a consultation to determine the scope of individualization the coach and players want from the program, the specific needs of the sport, the goals of the team, timing of the season, and schedule available for training to create a custom-made program specifically for your team.
The program is delivered to your team weekly and can be modified or changed upon request. This service provides access to APE coaching staff on a daily basis and availability for in-person coaching sessions can be scheduled dependant on your geographical location.
Individual Athletic Templated Programming
$60/billed monthly
A general 4-week program template for those athletes looking for some guidance off the court or field. This template will contain a few customizable options based on your goals and sport and will be delivered via email.
A variety of templates are available dependant on your sport and timing of your season.
Some of the sports catered for:
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Track and Field
  • Rugby
  • Olympic Weight Lifting
  • Cross-Fit